How Public Voice impacts

Your views about local maternity services

NHS organisations involved in funding or delivering maternity services across Sussex and East Surrey came together with the aim of improving maternity services and support for women and their families. 

As part of this work, we visited Children and Family Centres and other groups across Sussex to hear from women and their families/partners who had recently used maternity services in Sussex and East Surrey about their experiences, what was really good, and what could be improved. 

Hearing from local people about what currently works well and what works less well will help us to improve local services, making sure that all women and their families have access to safe and personalised maternity care.

Re-procuring NHS 111 and OOH services

Last summer we ran a public survey both online and printed in the local Sussex newspapers asking people about their current experiences of the NHS service, and what they thought of our proposed ideas for a future service. 

The views and experiences that have been captured through this survey will provide useful insight and information that will be used to inform and help shape the new NHS 111/Clinical Assessment Service and the development of the Sussex integrated urgent care services for Sussex. Find out what people have said about these services.

We will continue to engage with our patients and local population to explore the themes and gaps that have been highlighted by this survey. 

Improving Accessibility for d/Deaf people across Sussex

D/deaf people do not have the same accessibility to Primary Care as hearing people. Feedback from multiple forms of engagement with the D/deaf community including through d/Deaf space meetings, forums and individual conversations, consistently references common barriers with making appointments, staff not being deaf aware and issues with interpreters. These barriers often lead to D/deaf people avoiding Primary Care altogether, due to the stress and anxiety, tolerating their illness until it progresses to a more serious health concern. 

As a result of this feedback, DeafCOG, an East Sussex Deaf led organisation, were commissioned to deliver a d/Deaf toolkit for GP practices, with recommendations. To support the toolkit, Deaf Awareness training is being rolled out across Sussex over the first quarter of 2020.

We have also commissioned Signlive to provide a Video Relay Service where by patients can download the free SignLive app, and connect to a fully qualified BSL translator, before connecting to the NHS Sussex wide Clinical Commissioning Group Involvement team. This service enables d/Deaf people to feedback on experiences of health care, participate in surveys and take part in public consultations. Read Joelle's story, one of our patients who needed to make an appointment with her GP.

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