NHS Long Term Plan

As medicine advances, health needs change and society develops, so the NHS has to continually move forward so that in 10 years’ time we have a service fit for the future. The NHS Long Term Plan sets out the priorities and ambitions for the years ahead to make sure the NHS continues to provide high quality care across the country.

There are lots of ways to find out what the plan includes:

Local NHS organisations have been asked to work together as part of health and care systems to develop their own plans by autumn 2019 which will set out what the national plan will mean on a local level. 

We want the local plans to be co-produced with as many different people as possible to make sure they truly reflect the needs of our population. 

To do this, over the course of this year, we will be going out to speak and listen to people across the local area and encouraging many others to give their feedback. Click here for more information about our upcoming engagement events - we hope to see you there!

Improve lives, extend lives and save lives - the local response to NHS Long Term Plan

The health and care of local residents will improve significantly through new ways of working across teams, services and organisations.

That is the view of the local NHS as they shared plans with the public to help improve lives, extend lives and save lives of people living across Hastings and Rother.

The health and care needs of people are changing as they live longer and increasingly face more complex and long-term conditions that need ongoing care. So the NHS has responded to this changing need by working with partners to develop plans that will help ensure people get the care they need now and for years to come.

Health and care organisations have been working closer together over the last few years to improve patient care and how services work. They are now looking to build on this good work to develop an “Integrated Care System” (ICS), as part of the local response to the ambitions and expectations set out in NHS Long Term plan. The creation of an ICS will encourage greater collaborative working, across organisational and geographical boundaries, developing ways of working that will allow and encourage partnership working that gives populations greater joined-up care.

The plans will help local people stay healthy, receive more support and treatment at home rather than having to go into hospital if it’s not necessary, and be able see their GP more quickly.

Dr Laura Hill, local GP and joint Chair of the Clinical and Professional Cabinet for Sussex, said: “Health and care organisations are working together to make sure that our populations get the right care, at the right place at the right time for them. Those using health and care services will notice greater focus on joined-up care, ill health prevention, proactive care and support for people living with long-term conditions. This will include better access to services, better access to the right clinician and professional to suit their needs, and more support either in their own homes or in more appropriate places for what they need.

“If people do need to be admitted to hospital, they will be supported to get home quickly with the support they need. Patients will have greater support to manage their own health when they do become ill and communities will see new initiatives introduced to support them in living healthier lives.”

The plans have been developed across health and care partners and with the involvement and input of partners, clinicians, specialists, health and care professionals, staff, patients, their families and the public. Read about how the views of our population have helped shape our plans. You can also download an Easy Read version of our Long Term Plan response.

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