Healthy Hastings and Rother

Dr David Warden
Dr David Warden

In the summer of 2014, we launched a £5m action plan to tackle poor health in the area.

Our Healthy Hastings and Rother programme was launched to target the fact that many people locally have significantly worse health outcomes than the rest of England.

Too many local people suffer significantly worse health outcomes compared to other areas, and this is linked to a range of factors such as deprivation and the economy. There is also a huge inequality between our most deprived and least deprived wards and this is where we are focussing our efforts and investment.

Obesity, smoking, alcohol-related ill health, mental health problems and the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and chronic illnesses are some of the main areas where Hastings and parts of Rother compare unfavourably to national averages.

Men in the most deprived areas of Hastings are expected to live 11.1 years than those in the least deprived parts of the town – the biggest gap in the south east. Life expectancy for both men and women is lower than the England average

This summary, published in Spring 2017, provides a handy update on some of the many excellent activities we have delivered - all of which have been aimed at tackling health inequalities by improving local services and supporting people to live healthy and happy lives. There are also a range of articles in the left hand menu giving more detail about some of our projects.

We’re proud of the work of the programme so far and pleased to invest a further £10m into the programme for 2017/18 and 2018/19. We all look forward to continuing to work with local communities and partner organisations to improve health and wellbeing in our area.

Dr David Warden - Chair, Hastings and Rother CCG

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